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Vegas 2013

I have been to Vegas more times than I’d like to admit and quite frankly I convinced myself I had no need to ever return. Once Vegas has thoroughly gotten the best of you it’s really hard to justify going back. I had seen and done more than I probably should have. But alas, The Fella asked and per usual I found it hard to turn him down. And as it turns out, I once again had a smashingly good time. The one saving grace of Vegas is that minus the 3-day hangover, no two trips are ever quite the same. This particular trip involved spending 4 days straight in exceptionally close proximity to The Fella’s friends and I found that they really are a good time. Despite most of the guys leaving Vegas in the negative, there was very little, if any, drama and I’m still giddy from the hilarity of it all.

Here are a few highlights:

  • The Wicked Spoon Buffet at the Cosmopolitan Hotel was arguably the best meal we had while in Vegas, if not the largest selection. They had everything from standard breakfast foods, to lamb shank, to sushi, to a mother-fucking gelato station. I repeat, mother-fucking gelato. If allowed, I would probably still be sitting there eating. Oh, and did I mention they have a bottomless mimosa and bloody-mary option, a rarity in Vegas. Just make sure you let them know up front. Our server ended up giving us free drinks because they failed to give us the option when we paid for our buffet. I’d show you a picture but I was too busy eating to take one.
  • All the bloody mary’s…all of them. This might have something to do with all the hangovers. If you’re staying at the Monte Carlo, The Pub had a pretty decent bloody that’ll help take the sting off after a night of drinking.
  • Julian Serrano’s Tapas Bar in the Aria hotel was a great treat. The portions were small enough to still allow me to fit into my club dress and the tapas were some of the best I’ve ever had…probably even better than Spain itself. My personal favorite was the Brava Potatoes but honestly I tried so many things I can barely remember which I liked best. I do remember the Lobster Gazpacho being a big hit with the table.
  • I had a surprisingly good time watching Peep Show at the Planet Hollywood Hotel. I even liked it more than Zarkana that we saw the night before, but I’m probably in the minority on that. I just really enjoy dancing and athleticism, and the boobs weren’t bad either. Side note: I’ve seen two other Cirque de Soleil shows; O and Zumanity, and I preferred both to Zarkana. If you’re going to spend the money, I’d go with one of those two.
  • Completely by accident we stumbled upon 80’s night at Gold Lounge in the Aria and had a really great time. The DJ kept us dancing for hours and we weren’t even charged a cover. Just don’t take your shoes off, they frown upon that.
  • And last but not least THE GORGEOUS RING THE FELLA BOUGHT ME AT SWAROVSKI, pictured below. (Don’t mind the lack of manicure, I couldn’t afford one at this point).


And here are a few lowlights:

  • We dropped way too much money securing a table at the Marquee Lounge in the Cosmopolitan. While I had a good time, the club scene just isn’t my thing anymore and for me the price just wasn’t worth it…I did look hot though.
  • The restaurant BURGR by Gordon Ramsay was more than disappointing. The service was horrible and the food was just ok. Perhaps we were just expecting more from someone who has a TV show about bad restaurants. I would recommend eating somewhere else, like McDonalds.

All things aside, it’s the company that makes the trip and I had a wonderful time. I’d still like to keep my dignity so I’ll leave it at that. We even discussed potential future trips, to anywhere other than Vegas!

And finally, check out the wonderful view from our friend’s hotel in the Cosmopolitan. If you can swing that kind of money, go for it!


All the best,


A new beginning

I’ve had a lot of new beginnings in life; new cities, new relationships, new jobs, new hobbies. I’ve lived a fairly decent life and I’ve been blessed with great friends, great memories, travel, health, free will, a stable job, a handsome boyfriend, and the ability to remain optimistic despite life’s struggles. I am lucky. I don’t think I say that often enough. Writing comes easier to me when I’m sad, or lonely, or depressed, or feel I’ve been wronged in some way. Complaining makes for better entertainment somehow. But the truth of the matter is I’m happy. For this reason I’ve decided to make another new beginning for myself in the form of a new blog; a fresh start.

In 2013 I hope to accomplish a lot, mostly personally and physically. I find myself once again deeply immersed in my passion for dance and yoga, two things that I’ve neglected over the last few years. It feels good to be back to what I love. I’ve already accomplished things I didn’t think were possible. It makes me realize that age really is just a number. I can do anything I want regardless if I’m 23, 33, or 43 if I put in enough effort and dedication. I feel strong. There are also some exciting trips in my future: Vegas this weekend, driving up the east coast this summer, and Colorado in the fall. I hope to share them with all of you.

And another little tidbit, at the recommendation of a friend I started a video project using the app 1 Second Everyday. You should check it out, it’s pretty cool. It has more or less forced me to look for that one happy moment in each day and will likely result in 365 1 second videos of my dog, my boyfriend, Bloody Mary’s, and my friends wearing tiaras. There are so many wonderful things in life. It feels good to stop and acknowledge them, even just for a second.

In any event, thanks for sticking around.