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On being friends with other women…

I’ve been wanting to blog about female friendship for a while now, but I’ve always had trouble articulating exactly how I felt on the topic. Yesterday I read a tweet from @SassyMarmalade that helped me realize what it is I wanted to convey. She said, “When a girl says that she’s not good at being friends with other girls…you should probably listen to her.” I have no idea what the tweet was in reference to, but the root of it is; there are women out there who attempt to separate themselves from the rest of their gender by making generalized statements about not being friends with other women. I think my frustration comes from two things a) I suspect these women say this to make themselves seem superior to other women and/or more appealing to the male sex and b) if that really is the case then they’re missing out on forming relationships with some really wonderful human beings. I would not trade, or belittle, my female friendships for the world.

Furthermore, why would someone intentionally ostracize an entire gender – particularly their own? What makes one woman different from the other women they claim to have nothing in common with? Do they think they’re the only one who likes to drink whiskey or watch organized sports? I mean, have you been on Twitter lately? Different is the new normal. And if said person contends they don’t get along with other women because they’re dramatic, or emotional, or crazy hormonally-imbalanced human life forms, isn’t this just buying into a stereotype?

We don’t only like shopping, or gossiping about boys, or planning weddings, or whatever it is that makes one woman think they’re better than the rest. We have depth. We like fashion and politics and sports and science and all sorts of other non-stereotypical things. We’re even allowed to vote now!

In truth, have I encountered women that I can’t stand to be around? — By Gods yes. But I’d argue that there are, most likely, just as many men. And get this; I have great guy friends too! Sometimes I want to have a burger, and a beer, and watch a football game and – shocker; so do LOTS of other women. What I’m saying is, God dammit, stop making generalized statements about our own kind! There are beautiful, intelligent, talented, diverse women out there just waiting to prove you wrong. They can probably beat you at arm wrestling too.